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Welcome to Apron
The place where we love good food.
The place where exquisite taste meets health. We prepare food for thought ... body and mind.

What we believe in

we have a philosophy

Aprons are WHOLESOME. They remind you of home, of safety and of good food. Splattered cake butter. A bubbling stew. Those homemade scents. Spices and herbs. All these stories from times spent in the kitchen.

What we cook

Our menu changes on a daily basis, consisting of various types of meals such as sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, pasta and other delicious dishes. We like to experiment with atypical recipes adding our own spin to staple dishes. All the materials used are fresh brought in on the day. You can check our dishes of the day on our social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Where we are at

34 Sofouli Street
22 675858